Choosing the right bandsaw blade for woodworking

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Choosing the right bandsaw blade for woodworking

When it comes to bandsaws, woodworkers have a lot of options in front of them. Totally different from a hand-held saw or a chainsaw, a bandsaw is a power saw that uses a long, thin, toothed blade made of metal to slice through pieces of wood.

Working with wood lumber can be tricky using manual tools, which is why the bandsaw is a must-have power tool for any woodworking shop. It creates the perfect uniformed cuts every time.

The key is to choose the right blade for the right cut. If you’ve heard the phrase “Not everything requires a hammer,” then you are aware that different situations may require more precision and skill than others.

This can be the case for many woodworking projects, which is why blade choice is very essential.

In this post, we will go over the various types of blades you can use with our bandsaws for your next woodworking job. This can also serve as a handy reference to go back to if you forget what a specific type of bandsaw blade is best used for.

And, when using woodworking tools, every woodworker should commit these safety first rules to memory.


Our Favorite Specialty Blade

We’ve got one bandsaw blade, in particular, that is our favorite. This is the resawing blade. As a specialty blade designed for creating precise, smoothed, finished cuts, this beauty will be a frequently used piece of equipment in your woodworking shop.

All of our bandsaw blades are manufactured from high quality steel. The same goes for the re-swing blade, but the difference is all in the teeth.

It doesn’t have a typical set of teeth like the other blades we’ve mentioned. This blade has carbide-tipped teeth that have been designed with a shoulder over each tooth to prevent overfeeding.

You don’t want to get ahead of yourself and push the wood through this blade too quickly. The goal is to produce a smooth, finished product, and this blade does just that.

Another special thing about the re-sawing blade is that the carbide teeth can be resharpened.

We recommend packaging the blade in a box and shipping it to us here at DH Cutter. Our experts will resharpen the specialty carbide teeth on the original machine that the blade was cut from.

Once the resharpening process is complete, we will ship it back to you. You will receive your original blade, but it will look like its brand new once we’re done with it.

This improves the overall lifespan of the blade, which is great since this is one you will be using quite often.

Industrial Bandsaws

DH Cutter offers a wide range of classic and industrial bandsaws for all types of woodworking shops.

We’ve got a range of bandsaw machines to pick from varying in size, strength, and resaw height. Keep in mind that some bandsaw blades may not be compatible with every bandsaw machine.


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